Plotcrop Order Form

Address  ___________________________________________

Preferred units of measurement    [  ] metric**       [  ] imperial

(*) Your email address will not be passed to any third parties, and I will only use it myself to notify you about updates and bugfixes as they become available. If you don't want to be kept informed in this way, there's no need to give me your email address. In any case when I send you the CD I'll also give you the URL of a web page where you can check for updates yourself.

(**) Metric is strongly recommended, not only because this is the way things are going generally, but because on screen the same measurement in inches appears less than half the size of the metric equivalent. Also, since the program's measurement system uses whole numbers, metric gives you a finer resolution - 1 centimetre as opposed to 1 inch.

Please print out, complete using block capitals, and send to:

28 Brim Hill
N2 0HG

with a cheque for 25 payable to Max Wright. (I can accept payment in other currencies but please add the equivalent of 5 for handling.)

On receipt of your order I will post you a complete setup on CD. The purchase price includes free email support, updates and bugfixes.